Social Enterprises in Europe
We study the market behaviors and organizational design decisions of over 800 social enterprises in Europe over time. We are interested to better understand the implications of social mission drive for managerial practices and organizational performance.

Open Service Innovation
We bring forward emerging social entrepreneurs as a powerful, yet so far untapped source of ‘external’ intelligence, ideas and technologies, and advance and pilot-test concrete strategies for how companies can access and leverage this intelligence in their service innovation processes.

Innovation and Economic Policy-making
From our unique blend of fundamental and applied research, we aim to distill new public policy insights that can inform EU’s policy-making with respect to the competitiveness of its service sector, the roles of social ventures and service innovation. In addition, we take a strong interest in thinking through the policy-making relevance of our work to non-EU emerging economies, as well as the developing world.


  • Final Project Conference in BXL

    Wed 30 November -1
    Conference Title: Social Enterprise and Social Business Innovation in Europe Key findings of a 3-year research to be presented by top academics at the closing conference on 6-7 October in Brussels What ...More