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EU Policy Brief on SELUSI


Sneak Preview of Survey Data on Social Enterprises in Europe

Between November 2009 and April 2010, directors of over 550 social enterprises in five European countries have kindly shared their experiences and insights of e.g. organization, management and innnovation in their ventures with us. We have produced a series of country reports, which give a sneak preview of the many more findings and policy recommendations to come using these data. But more than that, these reports are also designed to help the social enterprises we interviewed benchmark their venture against fellow social enterprises in their country.

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Country reports [in English]

Country reports [in local language]

Social Enterprises: Worth a Closer Look
IESEinsight, Issue 7(Fourth Quarter): p.8

The percentage of organizations that introduced new-to-the market or radical innovation over the past year is reportedly much higher among social ventures than comparable commercial enterprises. This is one of the early findings to emerge from a research project on social enterprises in Europe …

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EU Strategy 2020: Innovation Insights
European Commission -
Contact: Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero

Social entrepreneurs as “lead users” for service innovation
Many of the targets set in Europe 2020 depend both on invigorating the productive economy and on delivering better services to people. There can be innovation in service delivery as well as in finance or manufacture. The ageing of society, migration, poverty, the rising demand for ethical and ecological goods and services all need solutions that enable inclusion or empower communities. These societal trends create new growth markets and significant business opportunities for service companies…

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