The SELUSI research partnership includes the LSE, the IESE Business School in Barcelona, the Catholic University of Leuven, SITE at the Stockholm School of Economics, the Harvard Business School, i-propeller, NESsT, The Hub, and the Global Institute.

It was put together with the aims:

  1. to enable innovative interdisciplinary research: bringing together academic expertise in the fields of economics, psychology, sociology and management science.
  2. to create a trusting environment with social enterprises across Europe, as well as generate new evidence that could usefully inform the practices of network organizations, like The Hub and NESsT.
  3. to discipline us to think through policy-relevance of our work for the understanding of social ventures in outside Europe, notably emerging economies and developing countries [The Global Institute].
  4. to enable action-oriented research with the stimulus and support of a fresh and ambitious business that is experimenting with new ways to realize social business innovation [i-propeller].


  • Final Project Conference in BXL

    Wed 30 November -1
    Conference Title: Social Enterprise and Social Business Innovation in Europe Key findings of a 3-year research to be presented by top academics at the closing conference on 6-7 October in Brussels What ...More